Insider’s Scoop on Garden Tour

Inside looking out--the view from my kitchen sink.

After putting our house on the market a few months ago, I really didn’t expect we’d still be here. So when the tour committee for the Polk County Master Gardeners asked me to be on this years’ “Extraordinary Gardens by Ordinary People” garden tour on June 19, I told them that I wouldn’t be able to commit, but would join the tour as a ‘bonus garden’ if we still lived in this house. And here we are.

For tickets and more information, check out the Facebook page for PCMG Garden Tour

I’ll also be joining Michelle Walke, who is blogging about this years tour, on Gardening Today, Sunday from 10-noon on WHO radio 1040.

This is the tenth year of the tour, but the last time I participated was in 2004. And this will be the last time that this garden will be on the tour, because we are still expecting that our house will sell! In fact, our realtor is holding an open house the next day. Perhaps all the lavender blooming in the front yard will charm someone into buying–I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


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