An Herb Garden Shopping List

You should plant a few herbs and see where they take you. I’ve put together a shopping list for herb gardener wanna-be’s that will put them on the road to tasty garden goodness. Take a look at A Beginner’s Herb Garden and get your trowel out of winter storage.

If you happen to be at the Atlantic Spring Garden Seminar this coming Saturday, I’ll be giving a talk on growing and using herbs. I’m also going have a table in the vendor’s area, picking gardener brains about a new project I’m working on. Please stop by and say hi.


4 thoughts on “An Herb Garden Shopping List

  1. Once, long ago, I enjoyed gardening … then, my business kicked my butt. However, here I am spending a lot of time in one of the most beautiful places around and I need to figure this out. Just this morning, I looked around the space here wondering where I could plant something that I would actually take the time to care for and would enjoy.

    Herbs? Wow, this might be a great idea. I might have to ask a lot more questions before the season is fully upon us!

    I love reading your stuff.

    1. You know, Diane, I’ve always like gardening, but I really got into herbs when I lived in Texas (land of many big bugs) and my boys were little. They are less appealing to critters of all shapes and sizes, and most of them (with the exception of basil, cilantro, and dill) don’t have a critical harvest period like green beans or zucchini. They are very forgiving and I’m sure you’ll have fun with them.

  2. Susan, I’ve been really trying to incorporate herbs into my garden. I would really like to plant them at my home and incorporate them into the landscaping. We’ll see how far I get this year, I have so much to learn! Do you offer any classes?

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