About Susan

Some of you may remember me as the editor and publisher of the IowaGardener website some years ago, or as the garden tips columnist for the Des Moines Register. But most of you probably know me as a former garden editor at Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

In late 2009, I left my position at Better Homes and Gardens and went back to freelance speaking and writing. That allowed me the time to study and pass the Introductory Course at the Court of Master Sommeliers, which I undertook in order to gain a perspective on the place of cold-hardy grape wines of the Midwest. I also opened a store in Winterset, Iowa, called Applehurst, which was at the old Madison County Jail. My husband, Jerry, and I sold the old jail and the store in July of 2015. We now live in a really cool midcentury house in Des Moines, with a half-acre yard and the best neighbors we’ve ever known. Now I spend my days freelancing for magazines, speaking about gardening, and working on my home and yard.

Sometimes it may look like I’m just playing around, but hey . . . your work should never cease to amuse you!

For me, this site serves three purposes:

  • First, it will be a way to keep track of how my gardening and cooking projects intersect and progress (the ongoing record thereby proving that I am indeed accomplishing something.)
  • Second, it will allow me to share and learn from others (that’s probably you) about the things that interest me most.
  • And finally, this is the contact point for my freelance speaking and writing work. You can hire me to work on a garden writing, scouting, styling or production project for your publication, or you might want me to visit you and speak to your group.

What purpose will Cake In The Garden serve for you? Well, that’s all up to you. Attitude is everything!


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